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Framing Places

Travel Photography, Historic Places, and Genealogy

An Englishman, currently camped out in Greenbelt, Maryland, with a keen interest in travel photography, historic places, and genealogy. This is my eclectic mix of images taken or collected during my endeavors. If you find anything interesting you can leave a comment or connect with me on social.  

  • York Station, York, England

    Waiting for the London train at the wonderful victorian station in York, on our way to Paris. The station has a beautiful curve the length of its platforms, not far from the National Railway Museum.

  • Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

    The Eiffel Tower has been photographed from every angle in almost every conceivble way. If you take the picture to far away it dwarfs the surrounding trees and buildings and looks isolated and strange. The tower looses its detail. Taking the image this close gives a better sense of scale and captures the structure nicely.

  • Northern Leopard Frog at the Patuxent Research Refuge, Maryland

    Outside of the visitors center, in the South Tract of the Patuxent Research Refuge is an educational wildlife area. Sitting, sunning itself on a rock in the man-made pond was a Northern Leopard Frog. Although it should take care, there was a young water snake cooling itself in the pond!

  • Walking the Grassland Between Lakes at the Patuxent Research Refuge

    There are two large lakes in the South Tract of the Patuxent Research Refuge. Between them is a trail that wanders through some woodland, then opens out on a wide strip of open grassland. Often buzzing with insects and butterflies the trail then leads to a pontoon bridge across a narrow part of Cash Lake

  • American Toad at Patuxent Research Refuge, Maryland

    Patuxent Wildlife Refuge has an abundance of animals. As you walk through the trails be careful to avoid these tiny toads. This one had jumped out to the edge of Cash Lake and was sunning itself in the July heat

  • Julian Court Sunset, Greenbelt, Maryland

    We moved into Old Greenbelt at the beginning of the year. The town has some of the highest elevations in the county which affords is wonderful sunsets, looking out over Washington DC. See more images of Greenbelt

  • Street View of Snow Storm, Lanham, Maryland, 2014

    Housebound in Lanham, Maryland as the snow gathers on the roads and gardens. As night falls the conditions make it challenging to take pictures but the porch gives an opportunity to capture the freshly laid snow as it clings to the branches.

  • Sheep Lane in the oldest part of Midhurst, Sussex

    The oldest part of Midhurst town shows its ancient market history in some of it's street names. Sheep Lane runs from here into what was the enclosure of the original castle. Read more at

  • Union Station, Chicago, Illinois

    After travelling up from Washington DC on The Capitol Limited, we spent a wet couple of hours wandering Chicago, waiting for the California Zephyr. Here's Union Station, Chicago, Illinois. Read more at

  • Pine tree on the edge of Reno, Nevada

    Right at the edge of suburban Reno there are trails leading into the surrounding hills. On the trial we chose there is this lonely, gnarled old pine standing defiantly against the landscape

  • Walk along a stepping stone path at Brookside gardens

    Designed into the wonderful Gude Japanese Garden at Brookside Gardens are several stone paths with stepping stones. Here, Sam contemplates whether he can make it across the gap during a summer walk at Brookside Gardens. Read more about Brookside Gardens

  • Midhurst Public Library, Midhurst, Sussex

    Built in the late 15th century, the old Midhurst Public Library building is a Grade II listed building that has seen many different uses. Read more at

  • Japanese tea house at Brookside Gardens, Washington DC

    The Japanese Tea House sits at the edge of a lake at the far side of Brookside Gardens. This image was taken in July 2011 and shows off the wonderful mix of colors and textures. The wooden the wooden tea house is reached via small bridges and step stones. Winding paths guide visitors through the maples, dogwoods, and bamboo. Read more at the Framing Places blog

  • The Place De La Concorde and Obelisk, Paris, August 2013

    Cleaopatra's needle surrounded by the bright lights of the Champs Elysee and Place De La Concorde. A historic sight that weaves together ancient and historical stories.

  • Little Mermaid - Capturing Landscape Photos at Disney, Florida

    Travel to Florida and Disney Magic Kingdom gave the family a great chance to let off steam and for me to capture some great landscape images. It's a curious experience taking and processing these fantasy images in real life. Here we have the entrance to the Little Mermaid ride in the Magic Kingdom, Disney, Florida. Read more at

  • Acrobuffos at the Big Apple Circus in Washington DC

    Acrobuffos is a comedy duo from New York that travels the world entertaining with their unique and quite brilliant performances. We saw them back in 2012 at the Big Apple Circus in Washington DC as Madame and Monsieur. Considering the dark smoky atmosphere in the big top, I was really pleased to get this image as clear as I did. The spotlight, the clowns, and the audience reaction make this a very dramatic picture.