Framing Places

'Framing Places' came from the idea that I wanted to capture and share portraits of cities, towns and locations that I spend time in. I wanted to create images of places as I see them and try to put some context around them. When I travel I like to learn a little about the history of the place, how it developed and the people who live there. I care about what shaped a place.

From Ancient Midhurst to the wilds of Oklahoma

I'm lucky enough to have roots in many places in Europe and America. Midhurst, my family home town, is an ancient market town in Sussex, England. Developed over many centuries, Midhurst is a quintessential, picturesque English village with timber framed buildings and old coaching inns. Oklahoma on the other hand, where my in-laws come from, was mostly developed after 1889, with a fascinating if somewhat young history.

So here are some images and stories of places I find interesting. They are portraits of locations that have visited, many of them several times. I hope you enjoy them and if they pique your interest and you want to find out more you can visit